Friday, May 21, 2010

Phineas and Ferb, Whatcha doin'?

I wish Phineas and Ferb were here. I really need them to build a Springer Thought Reader. My dog Sparky is exhibiting some behavior that I really do not understand and is driving me crazy trying to figure it out.

Now I have given up trying to understand Sparky chasing imaginary birds, sleeping under an old Ford truck hood instead of in a comfy dog house, and many of the other things he does that baffle me, but this latest obsession is too goofy.
When we got Sparky, he did not like the water. Not at all. After he fell in the pool-twice-, I knew he had to be coaxed into it enough to learn how to get out when he tumbled in. So with a lot of treats and pulling him in, we got him past his initial hatred of water. Soon he liked it. Then he loved it--as long as his face didn't get wet. So imagine my surprise when he started diving under the water and just swimming underwater. Over and over again. He'd spend the entire time we were in the pool doing that. He exhausts himself; he never rests. He is like a hairy little dishrag when pool time is over. Soon I realized that he was diving after one of the "eyes" where the water comes into the pool. Thinking he liked the feeling of the water flow, I turned off the pump, but it made no difference. He still had his head underwater. He still dove and dove seeminly after the "eye" in the side of the pool.
He perches at the edge of the pool and sticks one paw in and tries to reach the "eyes."
What is Sparky doing? Why does he dive and dive and dive? What is so fascinating about the water coming into the pool? Why does he care about it this year and never took notice of it before? He is obsessed with his task. A Springer driven by some need to explore the depths. I know that if Phineas and Ferb would just decide this is that they were going to do today, that the mystery would be solved.