Sunday, November 30, 2008


Thanksgiving was really nice this year. Turkey Day is not really one of my favorite holidays but I really enjoyed it this year. Colt and Maggie were in Pittsburgh so there was only Sariann, Mike, Judy and I. Judy has been trekking from Price to Washington for the promise of butter tips and shopping for quite a few years now.

It rained most of the day but that was okay. I discovered that I have been wrong about the amount of work equation with the number of people served. For years I have been saying you cook all the same things so what difference does it make how many you serve. WRONG! It is way easier to cook for only a four people. The meal turned out really, really good. It may have been the best we ever had. I discovered a new way to serve sweet potatoes that does not require marshmellows and it was excellent. I am sure it will be an addition to our regular slate of dishes on Thanksgiving.

After I cleaned up, we started to "deck the halls." Mike had to haul in all the tubs from the big garage solo and he really missed Colt after about 10 trips. We got everything done though. Sariann did the Disneyland Main Street on top of the China Hutch; Judy did the Danbury Village, and Mike hung the garland. Perfect job for a tall guy. My niece Ciera joined us and decorated the tree in the kitchen and helped me with the living room stuff.
Nephew Brady had come over and put my outdoor lights up last Monday and I plugged them in as instructed Thursday morning so they would come on that evening, but as I was taking out garbage, I realized they were not on. Oh What shall I do???? So I sent Brady and text and faster than a speeding bullet, super hero that he is, he and Carson were there to set things right. My lights are really cool this year. Come and check them out!
Judy decided to brave the crowds at the outlet mall and so I was alone and I mopped the floors and put the Spode in the China Hutch. Then I went to bed and watched "The Christmas Story."

The rest of the weekend was pretty low key. Judy and I shopped a little each day and we found some really fun stuff. Becca came over and we had a mini birthday celebration for her 6th birthday which is on Monday.

On Sunday Judy headed home and I put up the Christmas tree and puts bows and ribbons on the gifts so I could put them under the tree. Then I watched football and took a couple of naps. What a great Sunday!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


It has really come home to me of late that I am every so thankful my son had the good sense to marry Maggie.  Ever since Colt was a little boy people have been telling me what he would and would not do and besides telling me he would get to old to want to go to Disneyland with me (As if--now I have both Colt and Maggie packed and ready to go if I even hint at a trip) and that it would be terrible when he got married.
Well, as usual "they" were wrong.  I always felt that since I never outgrew Disneyland and all that it stands for, that Colt probably wouldn't either.  I was right about that one.
I also was pretty sure that anyone Colt would fall in love with would have to be someone I would fall in love with too.  I was right about that one.
I was with my Red Hat group in Las Vegas on Sunday and as we were showing off our purchases, one of them commented that I really hadn't lost a son, but gained a daughter.  I got me thinking how really true that is.  I hear my friends moan and groan about son and daughters in law and I feel so blessed.  (Of course I always take credit for raising a practically perfect son who just would not make stupid marital decisions.)  
I love Maggie!  She took her first trip to Disneyland with me while Colt was in Washington DC and she felt the magic.  It was such a treat to introduce her to that very important part of our world.
Maggie loves Drag Queens.  We share that obsession and I even share my very own Drag Queen with her.  
I collect "gays," and Maggie is building her own collection too.
Maggie loves books and concerts.  We turned her into a Parrothead a year ago and she figured out right away that while shopping in Margaritaville, I will purchase about anything you throw on the pile. . .even if I am not drinking.
Probably my only concern with Maggie and Colt is that I thought it was a terrible move to give him a deadline to get married.  They had dated more that three years, but I was really concerned that Colt would someday resent being given an ultimatum.  I was wrong.  He probably never would have pulled the trigger.  As I realized this, I knew that Maggie probably knew him well enough to "handle him."
Anyway, besides my friends, my dog, Disneyland, Elton John, tequila, rock n roll, and green tea, I am thankful for Maggie.

Saturday, November 22, 2008


My very good friend, Mickey Mouse, celebrated his 80th birthday on Nov 18, 2008. Since I was unable to trek to Disneyland to celebrate with him, we had a party at the Washington City Utility Office! We all wore ears and Disney shirts and even had a birthday cake.

Cari's husband, Jason, is quite an artist so he made Mickey a very special one of a kind birthday card that we all signed and I sent off to MM.

The citizens who came into the office quite enjoyed the ears and many were amazed that Mickey was 80! The mouse has aged well.

Christmas Present to Myself

I always give myself a nice Christmas gift. Not that my son, my family, and friends don't give me good gifts, I just think I deserve a gift from myself. This year I hadn't really come up with anything I wanted to get for me and I am trying to save money to take Colt and Maggie to Disney World this summer, so I was thinking I would just skip myself this year. Until. . . On the Monday before Veteran's Day, I called to see if I could get my carpets and upholstery cleaned on Vet's Day while I was home. As I was telling Stanley Steemer which areas I had to be cleaned, I just felt sick tomy stomach about having the burber carpet in my tv room cleaned again. Burber carpet is the work of the devil. I'd have it cleaned and it would look beautiful and two weeks later is was disgusting again. I began to ponder.
After pondering a bit I called Colt to run my idea past him: let's pull out the devil's carpeting and put in a laminate wood flooring. Colt agreed this was an excellent idea and said to call Mike and Sari because that is what they did at the salon and they could do it for me. So I put in a call and not only did they not hesitate to offer to do it, they also suggested we paint the room while we had the carpet out.
They said they would be over on Sunday to do it. . .all of it in one day. I had my doubts about that but went to Home Depot and brought home flooring and paint samples. After making my decision, I went back and got the flooring and the paint.
Sure enough Sunday morning--only two hours after they said they would be here--we started the project.

My "new" room is awesome and sure enough we got it done in one, very long, day. Thanks to Sariann and Mike for giving up their one day a week off and doing this for me. I LOVE IT!
They also posted a blog about the project if you want to check that out:

PS - If you have a painting project, call Mike. He doesn't need a ladder to do the ceiling.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

He's Baaack

My oldest nephew, Elder Brady, returned from his mission in North Carolina last week. Brady is my "project buddy" and a true carrier of the Sims Gene. If you don't know what that is, I can't explain it to you. It was great to see him.
He's actually been around in paper form since Colt announced his engagement. Brady didn't want to miss any of the excitement surrounding Colt and Maggie's wedding so I had a life sized cardboard cut out of him made to attend all the wedding functions.

Then we decided that Brady needed to attend all important birthday, Easter, and Holiday celebrations. He was also included in most "projects" that took place while he was away. My great niece Becca doesn't really remember that real Brady, but she always made sure her "Paper Cousin" was in the photos.

It was great to chat with Brady after his homecoming on Sunday. He is more mature and a much better public speaker than when he left, but I'm sure he will still get excited about projects that require multiple trips to Home Depot!

Sunday, November 2, 2008


What fun Halloween is! At least it's fun if you get to dress up and act a fool all day at work. Halloween is one of the days you are glad you get to go to work. I mean what fun is Halloween if you just sit home all day. Come to think of it, what fun is any day if you just sit at home. . .

Anyway, Halloween at the Washington City Offices was a blast. We had a great potluck. Jamie brought in a crock pot full of Mexican Chowder. Cari bought these most excellent and fun to look at pumpkin bread bowls; Cristy brought a veggie tray; Kevin brought the Dr Pepper. For some reason three people in the Utility Office are DP Addicts! Shelly and I brought some dessert and I also brought Diet Coke so Cristy and I would not join the ranks of the Pepper addicts.

Elton's Still Standing. Jimmy's Still Here. I'm Still Loving It All!

What a most enjoyable weekend the end of October brought! On Oct 24, my friend Cindi, my daughter in law Maggie and I attended Elton John's Red Piano at Caesar's Palace. It was amazing. This was my 12th time seeing Elton John perform live and he is truly getting better all the time. (I know that's a Beatles' line, but whatever.) His voice sounded the best I've ever heard it and the staging was amazing. A little too amazing sometimes. It was hard to concentrate on Elton with all that was going on.
I hear there are only two engagements left when this one is over. Do not miss it. Do whatever you have to do to get there. It is ever so worth it.

After spending the night in "affordable luxury" at the South Pointe, Cindi, Maggie and I ventured down to Margaritaville to attend the street party, do a little shopping at Smuggler's Cove, eat some cheeseburgers (in paradise), and get tuned up for the Buffett concert that night. The street party was fun, but it really belongs on a beach or at least a lawn. It was great fun though and I am sure Cindi picked up many, many new ideas for hats

Colt had to miss Elton and fly down from Salt Lake just in time to go to the Jimmy Buffett concert at the MGM Grand Arena. He was a little bitter about it, but made the best of the situation and flew down in full Elvis garb and personality. He was very popular with the flight crew and they made a much bigger fuss over him than Vince Vaughn who was also on the flight. Yeah, he was in heaven getting all that attention.

My "other son/sort of nephew" Brad and his wonderful wife Mandi (we are all SO thankful Brad found Mandi) drove in from Southern California to join us. Brad made his own Elvis costume so he and Colt were "ELVI" together. Mandi dressed as a sailor and Maggie was a pirate. Cindi made great hats for us to wear so we were only somewhat upstaged by the kids.

I had taken Colt, Brad and Maggie to Buffett concerts before, but this was a new experience for Mandi and Cindi. They got right into though and are now totally hooked on Parrothead Madness. There really is nothing like a Jimmy Buffett concert. You find all ages there. Grown people dressed as salt shakers, sharks, boats and hula dancers. Not to mention people wearing blenders on their heads. The whole audience was on their feet from the first strains of "Piece of Work" to the final encore. Everyone sang along and danced with no thought at all of making a fool of themself. It just doesn't get any better!

After the show we headed to Johnny Rockets. This seems to be our late night eating spot in Vegas these days. At least it is since Colt discovered apple pie with melted cheddar cheese on top. Then it was back to affordable luxury for a little sleep.

Sunday morning we had a bit of a problem finding some breakfast food. We did locate some at the Cheesecake Factory. I highly recommend it as a breakfast spot. Then we headed back to our real lives.


I can hardly wait until next year.