Saturday, November 22, 2008

Christmas Present to Myself

I always give myself a nice Christmas gift. Not that my son, my family, and friends don't give me good gifts, I just think I deserve a gift from myself. This year I hadn't really come up with anything I wanted to get for me and I am trying to save money to take Colt and Maggie to Disney World this summer, so I was thinking I would just skip myself this year. Until. . . On the Monday before Veteran's Day, I called to see if I could get my carpets and upholstery cleaned on Vet's Day while I was home. As I was telling Stanley Steemer which areas I had to be cleaned, I just felt sick tomy stomach about having the burber carpet in my tv room cleaned again. Burber carpet is the work of the devil. I'd have it cleaned and it would look beautiful and two weeks later is was disgusting again. I began to ponder.
After pondering a bit I called Colt to run my idea past him: let's pull out the devil's carpeting and put in a laminate wood flooring. Colt agreed this was an excellent idea and said to call Mike and Sari because that is what they did at the salon and they could do it for me. So I put in a call and not only did they not hesitate to offer to do it, they also suggested we paint the room while we had the carpet out.
They said they would be over on Sunday to do it. . .all of it in one day. I had my doubts about that but went to Home Depot and brought home flooring and paint samples. After making my decision, I went back and got the flooring and the paint.
Sure enough Sunday morning--only two hours after they said they would be here--we started the project.

My "new" room is awesome and sure enough we got it done in one, very long, day. Thanks to Sariann and Mike for giving up their one day a week off and doing this for me. I LOVE IT!
They also posted a blog about the project if you want to check that out:

PS - If you have a painting project, call Mike. He doesn't need a ladder to do the ceiling.


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