Sunday, November 30, 2008


Thanksgiving was really nice this year. Turkey Day is not really one of my favorite holidays but I really enjoyed it this year. Colt and Maggie were in Pittsburgh so there was only Sariann, Mike, Judy and I. Judy has been trekking from Price to Washington for the promise of butter tips and shopping for quite a few years now.

It rained most of the day but that was okay. I discovered that I have been wrong about the amount of work equation with the number of people served. For years I have been saying you cook all the same things so what difference does it make how many you serve. WRONG! It is way easier to cook for only a four people. The meal turned out really, really good. It may have been the best we ever had. I discovered a new way to serve sweet potatoes that does not require marshmellows and it was excellent. I am sure it will be an addition to our regular slate of dishes on Thanksgiving.

After I cleaned up, we started to "deck the halls." Mike had to haul in all the tubs from the big garage solo and he really missed Colt after about 10 trips. We got everything done though. Sariann did the Disneyland Main Street on top of the China Hutch; Judy did the Danbury Village, and Mike hung the garland. Perfect job for a tall guy. My niece Ciera joined us and decorated the tree in the kitchen and helped me with the living room stuff.
Nephew Brady had come over and put my outdoor lights up last Monday and I plugged them in as instructed Thursday morning so they would come on that evening, but as I was taking out garbage, I realized they were not on. Oh What shall I do???? So I sent Brady and text and faster than a speeding bullet, super hero that he is, he and Carson were there to set things right. My lights are really cool this year. Come and check them out!
Judy decided to brave the crowds at the outlet mall and so I was alone and I mopped the floors and put the Spode in the China Hutch. Then I went to bed and watched "The Christmas Story."

The rest of the weekend was pretty low key. Judy and I shopped a little each day and we found some really fun stuff. Becca came over and we had a mini birthday celebration for her 6th birthday which is on Monday.

On Sunday Judy headed home and I put up the Christmas tree and puts bows and ribbons on the gifts so I could put them under the tree. Then I watched football and took a couple of naps. What a great Sunday!


Michael & Sariann Walker said...

I will most CERTAINLY AGREE. BEST MEAL YET at THANKSGIVING! Can't wait to do it again NEXT YEAR!