Wednesday, November 26, 2008


It has really come home to me of late that I am every so thankful my son had the good sense to marry Maggie.  Ever since Colt was a little boy people have been telling me what he would and would not do and besides telling me he would get to old to want to go to Disneyland with me (As if--now I have both Colt and Maggie packed and ready to go if I even hint at a trip) and that it would be terrible when he got married.
Well, as usual "they" were wrong.  I always felt that since I never outgrew Disneyland and all that it stands for, that Colt probably wouldn't either.  I was right about that one.
I also was pretty sure that anyone Colt would fall in love with would have to be someone I would fall in love with too.  I was right about that one.
I was with my Red Hat group in Las Vegas on Sunday and as we were showing off our purchases, one of them commented that I really hadn't lost a son, but gained a daughter.  I got me thinking how really true that is.  I hear my friends moan and groan about son and daughters in law and I feel so blessed.  (Of course I always take credit for raising a practically perfect son who just would not make stupid marital decisions.)  
I love Maggie!  She took her first trip to Disneyland with me while Colt was in Washington DC and she felt the magic.  It was such a treat to introduce her to that very important part of our world.
Maggie loves Drag Queens.  We share that obsession and I even share my very own Drag Queen with her.  
I collect "gays," and Maggie is building her own collection too.
Maggie loves books and concerts.  We turned her into a Parrothead a year ago and she figured out right away that while shopping in Margaritaville, I will purchase about anything you throw on the pile. . .even if I am not drinking.
Probably my only concern with Maggie and Colt is that I thought it was a terrible move to give him a deadline to get married.  They had dated more that three years, but I was really concerned that Colt would someday resent being given an ultimatum.  I was wrong.  He probably never would have pulled the trigger.  As I realized this, I knew that Maggie probably knew him well enough to "handle him."
Anyway, besides my friends, my dog, Disneyland, Elton John, tequila, rock n roll, and green tea, I am thankful for Maggie.


Colt and Maggie said...

I am grateful for my mother-in-law. I could not have done better if I had picked my spouse based on his mom rather than falling in love with the guy. I am constantly reminded of how lucky I am when I listen to other people talk about their mother-in-laws. Much love to my second mama Jodie!!! Oh and now we have a new passion collecting medal's from Disney races (squeal) they sound so cool and I'm going to get one for you (even if Colt’s not excited and won’t, that’s why you needed to gain a daughter to get Disney race medal’s for you)!!!

Jodie Smith said...

Colt will warm to the idea when he sees your medals! Especially the Twilight Zone one!