Sunday, November 2, 2008


What fun Halloween is! At least it's fun if you get to dress up and act a fool all day at work. Halloween is one of the days you are glad you get to go to work. I mean what fun is Halloween if you just sit home all day. Come to think of it, what fun is any day if you just sit at home. . .

Anyway, Halloween at the Washington City Offices was a blast. We had a great potluck. Jamie brought in a crock pot full of Mexican Chowder. Cari bought these most excellent and fun to look at pumpkin bread bowls; Cristy brought a veggie tray; Kevin brought the Dr Pepper. For some reason three people in the Utility Office are DP Addicts! Shelly and I brought some dessert and I also brought Diet Coke so Cristy and I would not join the ranks of the Pepper addicts.