Sunday, December 14, 2008


I have been trying to do my Christmas baking this week. It's not like I do a lot of baking, but I do like Christmas cookies so I have sifting and mixing and baking various kinds of cookies. I did some chocolate chip with some special Christmas chips first. I did them first because I went to see Colt and Maggie last week and Colt really likes chocolate chip cookies. I am not that thrilled with that particular cookie so it is one I can make and not be tempted by too much.
Oh, but next I did snickerdoodles. I have a really, really good snickerdoodle recipe and even though I made a double batch . . . they are almost gone. I took some of these to work and they didn't last until 10:00 AM whereas the chocolate chips batch lasted almost all day.
Saturday morning I discovered a really fun recipe. I don't remember what they are called, but the are a bit like shortbread and a bit like Mexican wedding cookies. They are tasty: covered with powdered sugar and they have the white baking chips with the Christmas swirls in them. Yummy and festive!
So I have three kinds of cookies made. I will still do some minty coconut cookies that we made for the first time last year, molasses cookies and, of course, sugar cookies. The sugar cookies don't keep as well so I think they will be a "Weekend Before Christmas" project.
And the other stuff: Now I don't make candy. I figure if God had meant for me to make candy, he wouldn't have invented See's. Their bordeaux pecan fudge is so much like my favorite of Nanny's fudges! And See's caramels. . .there is nothing better.
I'll make a Christmas pudding for our dinner next Sunday and I may make the rice or bread pudding we will have on Christmas Eve, but that's about it for the goodies I will bake.
The other stuff mentioned in the title??? Turkey Turnovers. That was my project today. Turkey turnovers are a Christmas Day tradition in our family. So dear family members who are worried about such things--Never fear. They are all done and safe in the freezer along with everything we need to make delicious gravy on Christmas Day.
Happy Holidays!


Michael & Sariann Walker said...

Turkey Turnovers...THANK GOODNESS!!!! If I close my eyes, I can still picture myself walking through the entry way of Grandma Lola's House, into her Kitchen area and smelling the Turkey Turnovers in the oven.... And I can still taste the gravy sliding down my throat.

What a marvelous Christmas tradition, one I hope that never leaves our family, and will only be spread to our extended families as our small family grows and branches out. Everyone should know the Joy of Turkey Turnovers on Christmas Day.

Colt and Maggie said...

Yummy cookies and turkey turnovers just another reason I can't wait for Christmas.~Maggie