Saturday, June 21, 2008


Aren't weekends wonderful things? I love them. In the fall and winter you get to spend the weekends watching football and in the spring and summer you get to spend the weekend outside.
My weekend begins like this: Friday night-no need to set the alarm. How sweet is that? I still wake up and 6:00 AM but it is ever so delightful to roll over and go back to sleep. When I drag myself out a couple of hours later, I make a pot of green tea, get the newspaper and go to the patio. I read the paper, enjoy the morning and play with Sparky the world's most perfect English Springer Spaniel and drink my tea. Then I prepare a nice breakfast and take that to the patio with my book. Right now I am reading David McCullough's The Great Bridge. Sparky always gets an egg mixed in with his Science Diet breakfast on the weekends, so he quite enjoys this ritual too.
I have a little laundry to do and probably should do some housework, but instead I go to the swimming pool. Float around and listen to Jimmy Buffett.
It seems I am having a lot of company these days. This weekend a friend is visiting and Sunday night I am hosting movie night for two friends I work with. They think they are Jack and Karen from "Will & Grace" and so they are pretty entertaining without a movie! But we are going to watch "Hedwig and the Angry Inch." A movie with great music that my daughter in law Maggie introduced me to. It was one of the things we bonded over. I guess really it is just part of the bonding we did when we discovered our mutual love of Drag Queens. I have my own Drag Queen by the way.

Syren Vaughn is not only one of my favorite individuals in the world but also has an amazing voice. Yes, boys and girls, my Drag Queen can really sing. But more about that later.
Back to the weekend stuff, so I am having dinner guests tonight and going to a party in the afternoon before the movie tomorrow. This is going to cut into my napping time but I think I will get through it.