Sunday, August 24, 2008


Since we needed to take Jonny to Las Vegas for his flight back to Pittsburgh anyway. . . we went to Margaritaville. I had a bit of a relapse and whatever brain cramp hit my head in the Cayman's earlier this year, took control again (This time aided by a couple of Margaritas from the walk up bar) and I went a little crazy in the Smuggler's Hold. Maggie picked up on this quickly and added quite a few new treasures to my pile. It's a good thing Colt didn't get the spirit. He didn't get anything, but Jonny is now the proud owner of a Margaritaville shirt!

After shopping my little heart out, we head upstairs to eat. We order some beverages and appetizers. The guy waiting on us identifies himself as the manager and tells us not to order entrees. He assures us Volcano Nachos, Coconut Shrimp and Conch Fritters will fill us up and not to get anything else. Fooled him. We finished it and our entrees all off!