Thursday, April 23, 2009


If you want to know what makes you "Popular," it's nine extra tickets to see WICKED. No kidding, people really, really wanted to see that show and I had nine extra tickets. I chose wisely and everyone who got them really enjoyed the show. Kevin and Jamie from my office saw the matinee along with a friend of Maggie's. The evening performance Colt Maggie and I were joined by Holly, Niece Stephanie (celebrating her 16th birthday) and her mom, my friend Judy, Bryan and Dani.
We had a most excellent weekend. Colt, Maggie and I had dinner at Red Rock on Friday night and then went to see "End Days" at Salt Lake Acting Company. It was a fun play and dinner was so good. If you go to Red Rock, get something with the horseradish potatoes.
Saturday Colt went to the Salt Lake County Democratic Convention. I slept in and then Maggie and I did a little shopping. We didn't find much to buy, but we caught up with Colt and went to the Cheesecake Factory for a yummy lunch. Colt's kind of looked like a Fred Flintstone meal and Maggie got Mac 'n' Cheese so it was all good. After lunch we walked through Fashion PLace and I found some Ray Ban Clubmaters that I really needed to own. I managed to not buy them then, but brought my $$'s home with me and bought them today in St George. They are blue and awesome.
We went to Thaipoon for dinner before WICKED. It's one of Colt's favorites but I think I was still too full of Cheesecake Factory to enjoy it,
WICKED was fabulous. I saw it twice in LA and was a little worried about how the traveling production would compare but it was excellent.
After the show we tried to find someplace for dessert. Honestly, stuff closes early in Utah. We wound up back at Red Rock for appetizers and desserts. Holly and I enjoyed a delightful little beverage called a "Jack Mormon." I highly recommend it. So Holly treated us to appetizers and dessert and it was a grand time. We were the last ones in the place.
Such a fun evening. I love it when I get to spend an evening with people who are entertaining and not stupid.
Sunday Colt and Maggie went to church and when they were finished we walked (Well, at least Maggie and I walked. . .) to the Original Pancake House for breakfast. A quick trip to Costco followed and I was on my way home.