Sunday, July 27, 2008

It's Officially Ours !!!

Well, it's finally ours! Some of you are aware of the "big search" for a Kolob cabin. It has taken what seems like forever but we closed on the perfect property on Friday. The big hang up, and you know how I love my garages, was a garage and I finally found it.

Sparky was not crazy about the drive up but I gave him some "puppy calm" and he did okay. In fact, he thinks that Kolob birds are far superior to chase than Washington City birds.

The best thing of all is that it came with furnishings and appliances. Niece Sariann put up a bunch of straw flowers and I don't know if I can take that or not. It's a little too cutsy for me, so they may come down when she isn't looking!

I've got to round up some additional bedroom furniture but if you are good with an air mattress give me a call and come on up! Only MY bedroom has a bed right now.

It's a big adventure but I'm pretty excited. I wish we had taken photos of Mike trying to wash the windows with my litte 10' ladder. Now that was a show!

So if you want to escape the summer heat, come on up to my Margaritaville annex on Kolob Mountain. Parrotheads only need apply for admittance!


colt&maggie said...

Oh I'm so excited. I can't wait for our first cabin visit. I can't belive how long it took to find one! It is going to be an amazing vaction Disneyland and then cabin time!

Jodie Smith said...

It will be ever so fun, and you will laugh yourself silly at Sparky up there!

colt&maggie said...

Wow its so nice that there is a family cabin again that does not require a secret password, handshake, and to be loved by the right people to attend. Plus its in Kolob which is not over run with meth labs, and drug farms like I learned about in class last night that some other southern Utah mountain escape is.