Tuesday, July 8, 2008

July 4th 2008

I love holidays! I love to decorate for them and have people over to celebrate. It is one of my most favorite things. July 4th was great this year. Colt and Maggie arrived Thursday night and got here in time to play with Sparky a bit.

On Friday, Colt and Maggie took Sparky for a long run and after a delightful breakfast on the patio, we went to Kohl's to get Colt something star spangled to wear. We found that and several more things for both Colt and Maggie. I even got a couple of shirts and some jewelry. We had time for a nap before our guests arrived. At least Maggie and I did. Colt mostly tried to defrag my computer.

We had a lot of friends over to swim and have BBQ. It was an All-American menu-hot dogs and hamburgers. Everyone really enjoyed the pool. Even Sparky.

We had a lot of kids and their parents and grandparents enjoying the pool and even had one baby have her first swimming pool experience. Ciera did great and loved it!

A highlight for Colt and Maggie is that their friend Brian took them over to the fireworks in St George and they had VIP seating. They were so close to the fireworks that one of the people in their party was singed by an ember! That is pretty close.
I stayed home with Sparky but he did great and was only afraid of the explosions for a minute.
Saturday we did more shopping. . .even though I told Maggie that I wasn't going to buy her another new wardrobe, I think I did. We went to TJ Maxx and Target and got her some great stuff for work. While at Target, Colt told us a big fat lie! Never believe Colt if he tells you he tried something on; make him show you.
We also got an external drive for my computer so Colt could defrag it.
Sunday was fairly lazy. In a moment of madness I had promised Colt RayBans if he stayed in the pool for an additional 15 minutes. What the %$#* was I thinking? We went to the Sunglass Hut or whatever it is called and went absolutely nuts. I love RayBan Wayfarer's and bought myself four pairs-tortouise shell, white, pink, and a camo thing. Colt got two pairs and we discovered that we got a free pair for every $100 spent. So Maggie got four free pairs and Colt got two. We all left with four new pairs of sunglasses. We will be looking good in Disneyland.
Since we were right there, we popped into Eddie Bauer---Yet another big mistake. Except we all got some really good stuff for our Disneyland trip that was on a super sale.
So I love holidays. I discovered that I don't even have to have extended family around to enjoy them. So thanks to all our friends who make this Independence Day so special!


Margaret said...

Yay for shopping trips! I do so love them. I do worry you will stop going into stores with me. I guess it would appear I have a negative effect on your credit card, but we always have so much fun. Be honest my fashion shows afterwards make it all worthwhile. You also have to realize that there are countless fashion shows with my new clothes that you and Colt don't see. So thank you thank you! It makes me so very happy!