Sunday, September 14, 2008


Colt and Maggie were able to come to visit over the Labor Day weekend. I have been so lucky this Fresh Peach Pie season. For those uninformed few, Croshaw's Fresh Peach Pie is the best thing ever. It truly is angels on your tongue. You can only get them a few weeks a year and they are in very limited supply. You have to call Croshaw's at 9:00 AM and pray that you get through and beg to have them reserve you a pie. This year I have been able to get one every single time I called. Labor Day was especially wonderful because we got TWO pies. That was sweet because Maggie snuck extra portions while I was napping.

Not that all we did was eat, but: We made peanut butter & jelly Monte Cristos. We were introduced to this wonderful treat at Disneyland last year. We could hardly wait to eat them again this year. When we arrived we learned that they are no longer on the menu. We were so sad, but resourceful and decided we could make our own. We did that and did it perfectly. Colt also tried deep frying everything that wasn't nailed down in the kitchen too: Twinkies, Oreos, Snickers.

The highlight of the trip may have been Colt's haircut. He had the honor of having the first haircut done at his cousin Sariann's new salon, Sinful Pleasures.


BAM Neve said...

So how were the Monte Cristos? They look delicious. How was the snicker bar deep fried I can only imagine!

Jodie Smith said...

Monte Cristos were amazing. We must do them next time you are in town. The Snickers bar was not too bad and the Twinkie was okay. Oreos. . .not so much
Got our rooms for Jimmy reserved! Can't wait to be wastin' away again!