Friday, October 3, 2008

What does Toby like about Utah?

On September 2oth, I went to Salt Lake to take Colt and Maggie to a Toby Keith concert. Now Colt and I love Toby (He is a registered Democrat you know), and Maggie just plain likes concerts she doesn't have to sit down and shut up for, so it was bound to be a great night! We had amazing seats; Maggie had her new western attire; and the opening act was Montgomery Gentry.

What we didn't know is that it was the last night of the US tour and there was a bit of celebrating on stage. Dare I say it got a little drunk on stage? I guess I do. It got a little drunk on stage. It was great. Toby put on an amazing performance and I gained a new appreciation for Montgomery Gentry.

Best of all we learned what Toby likes about Utah! He can get a Wienerschnitzel chili cheese dog here.